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Flag Days and Fund Raising Events

A flag day is a day on which money is collected for a CHARITY in the street. Donors are given a small sticker to show that they have contributed.

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Registering a Charitable Organisation

What is the procedure to register a Charity?

To register a charity or a non-profitable organisation with the board of Charity Commissioners for Gibraltar, you need to fill in an application form.

Once you have completed the application form, you need to submit it together with the governing instrument and/or any other on formation in support of the application to:

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Societies, Associations & Charities

Action for Housing - Henry Pinna, John Mackintosh Hall, Main Street, Tel: 20078067

Action Aid Gibraltar - Eugene Howes, P.O. Box 756, Gibraltar, Tel: 20078923/57991000 E-mail:

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