Societies, Associations & Charities

Action for Housing - Henry Pinna, John Mackintosh Hall, Main Street, Tel: 20078067

Action Aid Gibraltar - Eugene Howes, P.O. Box 756, Gibraltar, Tel: 20078923/57991000 E-mail:

Societies, Associations & Charities

Action for Housing - Henry Pinna, John Mackintosh Hall, Main Street, Tel: 20078067

Action Aid Gibraltar - Eugene Howes, P.O. Box 756, Gibraltar, Tel: 20078923/57991000 E-mail:

Alcoholics Anonymous - Nazareth House, Hospital Hill, Tel: 20073774

Gibraltar Amateur Radio Society - R Pincho, No.30 Coaling Island, Queensway, Tel: 20079808

Astronomical Society - W. Recagno (President) 16 Seawave House, Midharbours Estate, Tel: 20064652

Automobile Association - Peter M Triay,39 Irish Town, Main Street, Tel: 20072150

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University - Ingrid Arnold, 40 Marina Court, Glacis Road, Tel: 20048607,

British Legion -Francis Brancato (chairman)2 South Barracks Mews, South Barrack Road, Tel: 58009065

British Legion - J Fabre, (President MBE BEM ED) Mount Alvernia, Engineer Road, Tel: 20076681

Cat Welfare Society - Sylvia Palmer, 2/2 Gavino's Passage, Main Street, Tel: 57722000/20042301

Cavalcade Committee - Eric Abudarham, 63 Ross House, Alameda Estate, Tel: 20074156/57586000

Childline Gibraltar - Jo.Abergel Suite 522, Icom House, P.O Box 561, Tel: 20043503, email:

Diabetic Association - Dr Beguelin, Hector Cohen, 50 Line Wall Road, Tel: 20072420

Disability Society - Debbie Borastero, Bayview House Line, Wall Road, Tel:20040019, Email:

Dyslexia Support Group - Stuart Byrne, PO Box 1359, Tel: 56423000/20078509, Email:

Drugs Advisory Service - J Caruana, Nazareth House,Hospital Hill, Tel: 58009064

Federation of Small Businesses - Gemma Vasquez, G.F.S.B. House,122 Irish Town, Tel: 20047722/ 57216000

Gay Rights - Charlie Trico, 44 / 5 Turnsbull's Lane, Main Street, Tel: 54006411

Gibraltar Hearing Impaired and Tinnitus - (G.H.I.T.A) Edgar Triay, P.O. Box 90220, Tel: 58008688, Email:

Gibraltar Amateur Athlectics Association - Frank Carreras Tel: 20077422 P.O. Box 483 Email:

Gibraltar Cycling Association - Colin Francis, 8504 Acacia 14 Shorthorn Est., Europa Road, Tel: 56660000

Gibraltar Decorative and Fine Arts Society - Claus Olesen, P.O Box 375, Tel: 20078509 Email:

Gibraltar History Society - David Eveson, P.O. Box 289, Tel: 20047840/54004689 Email:

Gibraltar Society for Cancer Relief - Grainne Mckenna, Lady Williams Centre, 5 South Barracks, Tel:20042392

Girl Guides Asssociation - Marie Luz Bacarisa, 24 Lime Tree Lodge, Montagu Gardens, Tel: 54023267

G.O.N.H.S. - Charlie Perez, Gibraltar Botanical Gardens, Red Sands Road, Tel: 20072639, 20066588 Email:

Group Of Professional Engineers - J Pons, Waterport Power Station, North Mole Road, Tel: 57202000/20071445 Email:

History Society Gibraltar - David Eveson (Chairman Gib) Paul Baker Chairman (UK)

PO Box 289 Tel: 54004689 Email:

Heritage Trust - Ian Balestrino (Chairman) The Main Guard,13 John Mackintosh Sq, Tel: 20042844

Hope (Support after Miscarriages and Stillbirth) - P.O.Box 37, Tel: 20041817

Horticultural Society - Suzanne Gache, Tel:956 785071/0034647630363

Cancer Research UK Gibraltar Branch - Giovi Viñales , 28 Pimlico Close Montagu Crescent, 56331000

International Police Association - Inspector Roy Perez Central Police Station,

New Mole House, Tel: 20072500, Email:

John Mackintosh Trust - C. T. Gaggero (Chairman), P.O. Box 107, Tel: 20075775

Kennel Club - Lawrence Llamas, 20041791, 54019111

League of Hospital Friends - Lydia Griffiths, 20 Sunset Close,Windmill Hill Rd, Tel: 20040340

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research (Bloodwise Gib) - Beryl Zammitt,35 Schomberg, Tel: 20072268

Lions' Club of Gibraltar - Wendy Dibb (secretary), 4 South Pavilion,

Mental Welfare Fund - , Tel: 20051159

Meteor Saxum de Gibraltar (Gib. Geological Survey) - Freddie Gomez, Flat Bastion Magazine, 63 Flat Bastion Road, Tel: 20044460

Narcotics Anonymous Home Group - Albert Hewitt, Nazareth House,Hospital Hill, Tel: 20042660

Gibraltar Pensioners Association - Henry Smart, 5c Sylvaner, Vineyards, Tel: 20071462, 58009258

Gibraltar Philharmonic Society - website:, Linda Holngrova, 72 Prince Edwards Road

Tel: 56011000/20072134 Email:

Parent and Child Society - Marian Alami-Mercer, Gladys Perez Centre, website:,

Philosophical Society - Giordano Durante, , E-mail:

Photographic Society - Lesley Linares, P.O Box 1422, Tel: 57363000, Email:

Police Charity Committee - New Mole House, Rosia Road, Tel: 20072500 Email:

Pyschological Support Group - Yolanda Pilkington, 24 Wellington Front P.O. Box 878, Tel: 54015553

The British Red Cross (Gibraltar Branch) - , The Convent Main Street, Tel: 20074452

Research into Childhood Cancer - C. Sacarello, 325/3b Main Street, Tel: 58009625/20078723

Rotary Club (c/o The Rock Hotel) - Martin Hale, Tel: 56001830, Email:

Round Table - Lalit Khatwani, Tel: 54012500, Email:

Save the Children Fund Gibraltar Branch - Paul Lion, Brenda Brancatto, P.O Box1226, Tel:54000681

Senior Citizens Association - Manolo Ruiz, 2 Buttercup House, Waterport Terraces, 20078282/ 54008999

Special Olympics Gibraltar - Annie Risso MBE, 12A Library Cottage,Library Gardens Tel: 20050764

St. John’s Ambulance - George Payas, 47 Northmole Road, Tel: 20077390 Email:

St. Martin’s Special School - Angela Lucas, Smith Dorrien Avenue, Tel: 20078704/20045360

St. Vincent de Paul Society - (Mens' Section) Clive Nuza, 30 Orsova House Varyl Begg Estate,

58008159 20071797,

St. Vincent de Paul Society - (Ladies' Section) Maria Teresa Pitto, 307/2 Main Street, Tel: 54006617,

Student Association - c/o Montagu Bastion, Line Wall Road, Tel: 20076732

The Scouts Association - Gerald Fitzgerald, (Commissioner)

Wellington Front, Tel: 58009298,Email:

Wobbles Children's Charity - Debbie Garcia, 21 Almond Lodge, Montagu Gardens, Tel: 54985000, Email:

Visually Imparied Society - Louis Falero, Tel: 20078350

Woman Health Group - E. Bear,Chairwoman, 4 Scud Hill, Tel: 20078289

Womens Business Network - Priscilla Sacramento, 80 The Anchorage, Rosia Road, Tel: 20042482

Womens' Corona Society - Maruchi Risso, Chairwoman, 10 Governor's Lane, Main Street, Tel: 20050788/20073070

Womens' Association - Anne-marie Struggles, PO Box 11JJ,



Ensure that individuals do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities or of the services available to them or through an inability to express their needs effectively.