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​About Us:

To resolve a complaint can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives. Equally when making a complaint or enquiry it can be a rather stressful experience for the person concerned.


Having available and accessible, fair, open and easy to understand advice and information services is not an optional extra but should be a fundamental component of service delivery.

This year I feel we have achieved a lot. I firmly believe that the biggest asset of any organization is its people, and this is certainly true of the Citizens Advice Service.


The Citizens Advice Service is about more than just advice giving. It is about empowering individuals to asset their rights and helps them solve their own problems. 


Board of Trustees:

Marie Lou Guerrero - Chair

Annie Risso

Andrew Haynes

Richard Buttigieg

Ernest Lima

Dr. Rene Beguelin

Luis Azzopardi

Kevin Hook

Pat Orfila

Ian Howes




LET'S TALK: 00350 200 40006

The information, resources and guidelines available online could be subject to change, although up to date at the time of publication on this site. Should you require more, up to date information, please contact Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau directly at, link below.

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