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Business Trades & Professions Registration

Requirements for registering the following


• Certificate of incorporation (Companies House).
• Particulars of directors (Companies House/or Acting Solicitor).
• Application for registration (Employment Service).
• Notice of Terms of Engagement for “working” directors (Employment Service).
• Trade Licence if required.

Business Trades & Professions Registration


• TAX/DSS approval letter.
• Business certificate (Companies House).
• Application for registration. (Employment Service).
• Personal Details form for all working partners. (Employment Service).
• Trade Licence if required
• Gibraltar Trading Address


• TAX/DSS approval letter.
• Application for registration. (Employment Service).
• Personal Details form (Employment Service).
• Trade Licence (if required)
• Gibraltar Trading Address (if required)

NB: All documentation and a fee of £50 must be received prior to processing (cheques payable to Government General Account).

Requirements for Registering an employee

• The employer must be registered with the Employment Service.
• Notification of Vacancy.
• Notice of Terms of Engagement for the employee*

*In the case of non-entitled workers/”working” directors (e.g. non-E.U. nationals) an application for a Work Permit would need to be submitted at the same time as the Notification of vacancy, Notice of Terms of Engagement and Passport together with the fee of £20.00.

You are also advised to visit DSS, Inland Revenue & Trade Licence for any other requirements. To obtain a licence to play music in a public establishment please contact

For further information, please contact:

Registry of Business Trades and Professions,
75-77 Harbours Walk, New Harbours, Gibraltar
Tel: (350) 20040408, Fax: (350) 20073981

Trade Licence

Any person wishing to buy or sell any product by way of business, whether wholesale or retail, as well as engage in certain commercial activities, is required to be licensed under the Trade Licensing Act 1978. A Trade Licence is also necessary to obtain a Customs Code for the importation of goods in commercial quantities.
Please note that in order to legitimately carry out any construction activities, the developer is required to obtain a trade licence. Nonetheless, a Temporary Trade Licence may be granted for the duration of a project, which will be issued to the site or property being developed or to the developer’s base of operations. Alternatively, the developer may subcontract the services of any other company. Any subcontractors, however, are likewise required to obtain a Trade Licence.

Commercial activities that require a Trade Licence

• Building Contracting
• Carpentry
• Electrical Contracting
• Decorating
• Hairdressing
• Manufacturing
• Joinery
• Painting
• Woodwork
• Property Development
• Plumbing
• Catering*
*Catering includes canteens, caterers, clubs, hoteliers, and publicans


In Gibraltar, various businesses require a trade licence and it is important to remember that:

• The Trade Licence is issued to the premises and not to the businessperson or company, thus prior to submitting an application for a Trade Licence, suitable commercial premises needs to be acquired. Without suitable commercial premises, the licence cannot be issued.

• It is illegal to start trading without having obtained a Trade Licence.


Trade Licence & Other Licences
Department of Enterprise & Development
Suite 631, Europort
Tel: +350 20076358
Fax: +350 20071950

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