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This is an exciting time of the year for many young people. It is the time of the year when school starts and university students embark on their new and exciting life in university.

There is nothing more enjoyable or exciting than knowing that your university life will start in a few weeks time but for some this excitement could be marred by some anxieties, worries and concerns. There are certain aspects of living alone for the first time that can trigger anxiety in many students e.g. money management, accomodation, dealing with landlords, opening bank accounts etc. The transition from living at home to living overseas can be stressful and challenging for some.


The first time a young adult is away from home can be rude awakening. Some could experience psychological and emotional problems with no support from family and friends. Though many young people do encounter some slight problems at university, support systems are getting better to help overcome any setback.

Sometimes though depending on the problem you need to move away from the usual support systems to get effective and fast assistance and that is where the Citizens Advice Bureau can help.


In essence though, the purpose of the Citizens Advice Bureau is to enlighten and empower students with problems, so that they gain the confidence and can make informed choices on their rights and responsibilities.

We cannot intervene or negotiate if the students problem is not in our jurisdiction, but we can most certainly point them in the right direction. The bureau advises students with any presenting problem to contact the Gibraltar bureau who then refer them to the UK, CAB nearest to their university or halls of residence.


So enjoy your exciting and challenging new life ahead but remember you are not alone. You have an organization like The Citizens Advice Bureau to guide you if you need help.




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