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Department of Social Security

Here you will find information on unemployment, industrial accidents, maternity,
pensions, death and survivor benefits. The department's main objective is to administer the various acts which are connected to the payment of benefits, the main ones being: See legislation page

Department of Social Security

Contact details by department
If you know who you wish to direct your question or send information please see the contact details below.

Department section Tel. No. Fax. No.E-mail address
Old Age Pension
Survivor's Benefit
Guardian's Allowance
Death Grant +350 20079904 +350 20042894
Overseas Pensions +350 20050039 +350 20042894
Unemployment Benefit
Injury Benefit
Disablement Benefit
Industrial Death Benefit
Child Welfare Grant
Maternity Benefits +350 20072721 +350 20042894
Social Assistance
Disability Allowance
Minimum Income Guarantee +350 20078852 +350 20042894
Administration +350 20051149 +350 20074941

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