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Dog Licence

It is a requirement from the Government of Gibraltar that all dogs have a licence.
The reason why dogs need a licence is to keep tabs on who has the rabies vaccine as we are in so close proximity to Morocco.All dogs kept in Gibraltar require a microchip implanted according to EU Law.

How do I obtain a dog Licence?

A dog licence is issued once the dog has had a rabies vaccine. You cannot get a licence without having the vaccine.
Every dog has to have a rabies vaccine at 12 weeks, it is only then, that you can apply for the dog licence.
In order for your dog to get the vaccine, you need to contact the Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic
If your dog has already had the rabies vaccine, you would need to apply for the licence at the Animal Welfare. You would need to have proof that your dog has had the vaccine ie passport.

The Animal welfare contact number 20043352.

How much does it cost?

On the first year of registration you would need to pay £7.50 to register and £5.00 for the licence, therefore you would need to pay £12.50 in total.
If you don’t need to register, the annual licence cost is £5.00.
If you skip one year, you would need to pay the £5.00 of the previous year.

When does the dog licence expire?

The dog licences expire on the 31st December, so you need to have the licence renewed by the 1st January.
If you take out the licence in any other month e.g. September, you will pay the same and it will only last until the 31st December.

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