Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) Gibraltar is looking for volunteers with different skills to help with a wide variety of roles both at the Bureau and in local charities.

This year from 1st June to 7th June CAB celebrated Volunteers week as we felt that it was important to highlight the amazing work that volunteers do.

We celebrated the hard work of the volunteers locally by raising awareness of the valuable work they provide in Gibraltar.

CAB Gibraltar is an independent Charity and we recruit our own volunteers according to our specific needs and capacity.  We have a number of volunteers who make a great contribution to our outreach services, Money Advice Clinic and other specialist services the bureau has set up for the community and it was this that made us realise that there are very many volunteers looking for placements and many Charities needing volunteers.

CAB has decided to bring these very important groups together so that they may benefit from each other. For many voluntary and community groups, volunteers are their lifeblood.  In many cases these groups would not be able to function without the tireless support they receive from volunteers.
Volunteers make a real difference to people’s lives, help the local community and use their experience and expertise effectively.

Gibraltar has always been gifted in having within our community many selfless individuals who give time, effort and dedication to support others less fortunate than themselves.

CAB has prepared a list of Charities & volunteers so that we may be able to mix and match between both groups.  We would appreciate if Charities could inform us of what requirements you need, e.g., days,  hours, expertise, number of volunteers, etc., and volunteers provide us with your details, e.g. contact details, area of work you would like to be involved in, hours and days available.




LET'S TALK: 00350 200 40006

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