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Timeshare Companies & Cashback Schemes



Reclaim Limited, is a Gibraltar incorporated company (further details may be obtained from http://www.companieshouse.gi/newindex.html  ).


However, the activities undertaken by companies such as this one and similar ones, namely cashback schemes, timeshare resales, etc. fall beyond this Commission's remit as a financial services regulator .


This Commission has issued a public warning regarding bogus banks, one of which is the name on the subject line of your email 'Reclaim Investment Bank'  http://www.fsc.gi/enforcement/fscwarning0033.htm


You could also contact the Department of Consumer Affairs of the Government of Gibraltar (mailto: conaffairs@gibtelecom.net ) in order to seek its assistance in this matter.


Alternatively, you could contact the Office of Fair Trading in the UK, as it may also have received complaints regarding Reclaim and related entities.


I should also explain that with Reclaim Limited being a Gibraltar company, claimants could also seek redress from the courts in Gibraltar, although this option may be unattractive due to the costs involved.


Reclaim Limited's contact details on its website at http://www.reclaim.gi/   show that its area of operations is in Spain and there are no Gibraltar contact details on the site.


As such you might also wish to contact the European Consumer Centre in Madrid - http://cec.consumo-inc.es/cec/Secciones/Contacta/Contacta_en.asp   Its email address is mailto: cec@consumo-inc.es


Reclaim Limited does not appear to have a substantial presence in Gibraltar, e.g. employees / staffed offices, although it is listed in the Yellow Pages


 This address corresponds to a company manager licensed by this Commission, namely Hawk Management Services Limited ('Hawk'), which provide the company secretary as well as the registered office for Reclaim Limited.


It may therefore be advisable for you to contact Hawk directly. http://www.hawkmanagement.gi/Contacts.html


I must stress that neither Reclaim Limited nor any of its trading names / styles are licensed or otherwise authorised by this Commission and that any person claiming to do so would be in breach of one or more of the Supervisory Acts which govern the provision of financial services in or from within Gibraltar.


Reclaim's website registration details http://www.nic.gi/whois/?lookup=reclaim.gi  show it was originally registered at an address once occupied by Portland Services Limited http://www.fsc.gi/enforcement/fscwarning0023.htm http://www.fsc.gi/enforcement/fscwarning0023.htm  .



Retrieve Limited has been struck-off the Register of Companies.



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