Open Door (Walk In) Service

By this we mean you simply turn up between certain hours and wait your turn.

A receptionist will make sure you are seen as soon as possible. We offer an "open door"

service at the following times;

Monday to Thursday

Winter Hours 9:30 - 15:30

Fridays 9:30 - 15:00

Summer Hours 8:30 - 13:30

Appointments not always necessary but recommended.

Legal Clinic

Since it’s inception the Legal Clinic has grown into one of the services most used by our clients.  This clinic has become very ‘popular’ with the clients as they feel that ‘getting legal advice for free’ is absolutely fantastic and very helpful.



It never ceases to amaze us and our heartfelt thanks have to go to all the volunteers who help out at the bureau, especially at outreach clinics and computer fun days. 


Citizens Advice Bureaux provide advice on and assistance with many employment problems a year. Some of these involve redundancies, company mergers and other changes that are inevitable in a dynamic economy.



Money Advice

When a money advisor has helped a client turn around a chaotic mess of multiple debts into an organized situation of realistic repayment, or helped write off a debt or successfully challenged the validity of a debt, a greater weight is often lifted from clients’ shoulders


Counselling means enabling people to look more closely at their problems and clarifying them. People need counselling when they are experiencing a crisis situation in their lives.

Your Interview

We try to work around a maximum time of 30 minutes for your interview. 

In that time we will attempt to deal with all your enquiry. The adviser will deal with the most important issues within the time allowed and then ask you to come back for help with any additional matters. You may be offered an appointment for this purpose.




LET'S TALK: 00350 200 40006

The information, resources and guidelines available online could be subject to change, although up to date at the time of publication on this site. Should you require more, up to date information, please contact Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau directly at, link below.

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