3rd March, 2015




March this year sees the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Gibraltar Senior Citizens Association and the committee is proud when looking back its history, to recall the many areas in which it has been involved seeking to enhance the quality of life of senior citizens.

For members of the committee all in their 70’s or early 80’s, 15 years is a long time, yet all look forward to continue our commitment to work in partnership, as we have always said, with the government of the day with whom throughout these 15 years have always enjoyed an excellent relationship.
Different people and different organisations have different priorities, but were we to be asked to prioritise the issues in which we have been directly involved with, we would say without hesitation that the first would be the senior citizen card as this was requested months before the association came into being.
Next, and in no particular order except the panic button programme which has always been our flagship, these priorities would be our regular newsletters, initiating the ladies’ exercise group, definitely founding the Prostate Cancer Support Group, the mini cataract operations survey, the handrail and handgrip exercise with the invaluable help of the Technical Department, the smoke alarm initiative, the production of the booklet “I am now retired, what am I entitled to” followed by “Frequently Asked questions”, special price list, free passports and renewals, and many others too many to mention in this newsletter and of course the “one stop shop” for the registration of deaths which was due to be officially opened yesterday the 2nd March but we are unable to confirm if this took place.

Thank God, we are still active and very much looking forward with great enthusiasm to a number of initiatives which we hope we shall be in a position to give details of in successive newsletters.



Cost of dying.

Though not overwhelmed with inquiries, we have nonetheless been approached by a number of people asking whether any headway has made with regard to white pine coffins as these are considered very sensible alternatives when considering cremations.
We hope to be able to provide more information in our next newsletter.

Special discount.

We are pleased to inform and thankful to the directors of Family Pharmacy or 151, Main Street for their kind offer of 10% off on non GPMS goods. This has been included in our special price list.


Mobility scooters.

We are pleased to say that after our comments on mobility scooters and the need for some regulation, we have heard from a number of seniors including scooter users, who agree with us.
We have also received reports that members of parliament in the UK have similarly expressed concern and advocate the some form of training prior to being allowed permission to own and ride such a vehicle.



We have recently received a mail signed by a supposedly distraught widow offering donations to worthy causes. Being suspicious and seeking confirmation that this was a scam, we accordingly contacted the Royal Gibraltar Police who advised we disregard and delete.



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