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It is suggested that you put the following in motion some three-four weeks before your 70th birthday to ensure receipt of the renewed licence in line with your birthday. There are no fees involved, and as such there is no receipt or proof that the licencing is in progress. This is an important factor if you are driving in Spain in the period between your 70th birthday and the physical issue of the renewed licence. It is suggested that a copy of Form 19 be kept as a form of proof. Additionally a copy of this form should also be given to your motor vehicle insurer.

STEP 1: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO QUEUE AS PER DAILY APPOINTMENTS. Visit the counter at the Primary Care Centre and ask to complete a form for obtaining a driving licence on attainment of age 70 yrs. Complete the form there and then and ask for an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. Usually this will be given for that same week or the following. Take your current Driving Licence for photocopying by the PCC Staff.

STEP 2: Attend to the appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. He/She will have a form (questionnaire) with various questions that you must answer. Thereafter you will be given a short eye test. On completion (assuming everything goes well health-wise) you will be asked to sign the questionnaire as having the details ticked off as true and correct.

STEP 3: Take the questionnaire to Dr Rene Beguelin at the Central Clinic, 1A Centre Plaza, Horse Barrack Lane (Tel 20059955) for examination, counter signature and issue of Form 19 declaring you fit to drive.

STEP 4: Take the Form 19 plus ONE Passport Photo to the Motor Vehicle Licensing Office, Eastern Beach Road and hand them in. The new licence should be available after a week.

NOTE : The renewed licence is valid for three years. I assume that the same method as above applies at the end of the initial three years and so on and so forth.




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