The Present is a GIFT

I think we can all agree that this year has been quite a perplexing year full of limitations and restrictions, however, let us choose to acknowledge that amongst the midst of the darkness there is always a light wanting to shine its brightest.

This time of year can be extremely busy and stressful and can trigger so many emotions for people, therefore, GCAB would like to share some tips, to empower and encourage others to embrace TODAY and make the most of their Christmas season.

1. Make Memorable moments

Christmas is for connecting. Whether that is “face to face” with your closest loved ones, through Greeting Cards or online, create your own traditions. Perhaps playing a musical instrument and singing together, playing games or using conversation starters during dinner. Whatever you choose to create, make it fun and inclusive for everyone…..laughter is the best medicine.

2. Presence is more important than Presents

Seeing others receive gifts does produce a sense of wellbeing but many times we feel pressured by society and end up spending more money than what we budget for. Agreeing to a spending limit can help avoid any unwanted debt. If you want to give to others, there is nothing better than giving of your time and your presence. Many time’s we find ourselves physically present but our minds are elsewhere. GCAB wants to encourage you to take time this Christmas to be mindful about your presence, wherever you are and who ever you are surrounded by.

3. Find your Focus

Dr Caroline Leaf teaches us that what we focus on grows. We want to encourage you to ensuring that your awareness is completely centred on the here and now, that during this special season you are not worrying about the future or thinking about the past. When you live in the NOW you are living where life is happening. We need to come to the understanding that the past and future are illusions – they don’t exist. We realize that all we have is NOW “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have, make the now the primary focus of your life” Eckhart Tolle.

4. Grow in Gratitude

Creating a gratitude habit is one of the most powerful things we can do. Gratitude is about focusing on what we have rather than what we don’t have, it starts a chain reaction to happiness and happiness brings us good health. Creating a gratitude journal can help by reducing stress levels, gaining a new perspective and most importantly, it helps us focus on what really matters.

5. Celebrate Christmas with Simplicity

When we strip away all the things that are not priority, we realize what really matters to us. As part of the GCAB campaign we would like to remind you that “Saying hello this Christmas” can make a huge difference in some one’s life - Simple is Best! As the saying goes, A Simple smile does not cost anything but it achieves a lot, it pleases those who receive it and harmless to those who give it, Be rich in love, fill yourself with hope and walk in faith……

“There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind.”




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