How To Cope During The Lockdown.

With hundreds of us now advised to self-isolate and practice social distancing to prevent further spread of the COVID-19. We all need to make some personal adjustments to our daily lives. It may sound simple at first, to stay at home and end social meeting but this can present various challenges to many. This is only normal! Anxiety, loneliness and stress being a few of the many emotional problems which can come about as a result of the precautions we are taking as a community. There are some coping mechanisms that can be incorporated into our daily routines to help combat the challenges we face when self-isolating or during lockdown.

1. Remember you are not alone.

Remind yourself that we are all in this together. Unfortunately, the whole of Gibraltar is in lockdown. So, take some comfort in knowing that you are part of a community action which will help keep many of our closest friends and family safe in what presents itself as a very difficult period.

2. Talk to someone.

As we highlighted in our Christmas campaign, There are many alternative methods we can adopt to keep socially connected to those who we are so used to seeing in our day to day lives. A phone call, message or video call are just a few of the many ways you can connect with your loved ones. Make the effort of contacting your loved ones, we need to keep socially connected as humans to remain healthy and improve our wellbeing.

3. Plan your day.

Before going to bed, make a list of all you want to achieve the next day. Put everything in this list; from your daily chores to any work you may need to do. This will enable you to feel a sense of normality, keep to a structured routine and make the most out of your days.




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