Fair Enough

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Gibraltar Citizens Advice is a source of external advice for people who experience employment problems. We advise clients on the many different employment issues. Among these are issues with unfair dismissal, pay, sickness entitlements, holidays, parental rights and bullying.

Fair Deals aims to reinforce the message that employees should be protected at work, and that there is legislation to help and support them.

Whatever job you do and wherever you work, you have rights. These cover things like wages, sick pay, holidays and parental leave. Is this the way you are treated by your employer a fair deal.

Fair employment should be promoted and encouraged. Workers in low quality, stressful jobs have poor general health outcomes, and poor daily quality of life. It is important to ensure that unscrupulous employers who willfully undermine their employees basic employment rights do not gain an unfair advantage over fair employers.

Some examples of unfair employment include unfair dismissal, women who were dismissed when they became pregnant, bullying and harassment at work, workers exploited and made to work excessive hours and workers being paid considerably below the national wage.

Whatever job you do and whatever you work, you have rights. Is this the way you are treated by your employer fair enough.

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