Current COVID-19 Laws & Public Advice

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Following the recent conferences from chief minister Fabian Picardo on the 20/10/20 & 27/10/20.


  • WE STRONGLY ADVISE that those who are over 70 or who are immunosuppressed should not leave their homes unless it is necessary to work, to shop for essentials, to exercise under gold or silver hour, or for other essential purposes. If you need help with supplies, call us on 200 41818 and we will assist.

  • WE STRONGLY ADVISE that those who are over 70 or who are immunosuppressed who do leave their homes, should wear masks at all times when in public places.

  • WE STRONGLY ADVISE that whatever your age, when you are in Main Street, Irish Town or other areas where people accumulate and cannot keep social distance, that persons of all ages above the age of 10 should wear masks.

  • WE STRONGLY ADVISE against attendance at funerals other than by the first degree direct relatives of the deceased.

  • WE STRONGLY ADVISE against attendance at communal worship where social distancing cannot be observed.

  • If you do attend a funeral, a place of worship or any other communal event, YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO WEAR A MASK.


  • The maximum number of people who will be able to gather in an organised way will be decreased. This number will initially be reduced from 20 to 16.

  • The maximum number of persons who can sit at one table in a restaurant will be reduced from 10 to 8.

  • There will be no live, public, musical performances at bars, restaurants or cafeterias.

  • The total number of tables permitted by the Environmental Agency at any restaurant under a permit issued via the Office of Civil Contingencies Coordinator will be reduced to a ratio of 1.5 metres per person in their useable common area.

  • Last orders for alcoholic drinks will be brought forward to 11pm. Only one alcoholic drink per person at a table will be permitted at last orders.

  • Restaurants will be able to continue to close at 1am. And the same rule will apply to bars with their own kitchen. But any bars, pubs or clubs that do not have their own kitchen will be required to stop service by 9pm. Such establishments must close by 10pm.

  • The operation of Casinos will now be subject to the same rules as bars and restaurants and they will have to close also by 1am. Additionally bars, clubs and other establishments will not be able to offer the use of pool tables or darts facilities for now.

  • At Chatham Counterguard, all restaurants will have to close one hour earlier than elsewhere, at midnight.

  • Wearing of masks will also be mandatory in the leisure area of Chatham Counterguard except when sat down at a restaurant table. Signs will illustrate where the area starts and ends.

  • Additionally at Chatham Counterguard, capacity  will be determined to a ratio of 3 metres per person in their useable external common area.

  • Also, at Chatham, only persons sat at tables will be permitted to be served.

  • You are now no longer able to remain within the Chatham Counterguard area without no real purpose between 11pm and 1am Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

  • Any organisation that requires an AGM for year 2020/2021 shall not be required to have it. This will assist any office holders of any organisation who consider that they may be in breach of their statutes.

  • Testing for students who return to Gibraltar will now also become mandatory, as universities have become clear vectors of infection. This will apply to any person who is on a scholarship from the Department of Education who is returning to Gibraltar. Students should therefore be in touch with 200 41818 to be tested on arrival in Gibraltar and they will have to quarantine for 5 days.

  • You are now required to wear a mask in the area of Main Street, John Macintosh Square, Irish Town, and Engineers Lane, Governor’s Street, Town Range, Casemates and the lanes connecting these, compulsory by law.




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The information, resources and guidelines available online could be subject to change, although up to date at the time of publication on this site. Should you require more, up to date information, please contact Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau directly at, link below.

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