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Changes to the Joint AquaGib Ltd/Gibraltar Electricity Authority (GEA) Bill Format

AquaGib Ltd (the utility water provider) and the Gibraltar Electricity Authority (the utility

electricity provider) are two separate providers, with AquaGib Ltd undertaking a meter

reading and bill collection service for the GEA.


Government is pleased to announce that in collaboration with the above named companies,

as from the second quarter of 2015, instead of customers receiving one common AquaGib

Ltd/GEA utility bill, they will receive two separate utility bills in the same envelope: one for

your water consumption (AquaGib Ltd) and one for your electricity consumption (GEA).

Each utility bill will provide customers with a breakdown of their monthly consumption, in

accordance with an EU Directive, so that customers can clearly see how much water and

electricity they consume.

As has been the case for a number of years, all paper used will be 100% recycled.


Benefits of the New Billing Format:

• By splitting the utility bills, it will be easier for customers to understand which company

provides which utility service.

• Ease of customer access to information on each separate utility service provider.

• The provision to customers of separate historical billing information via graphical displays

showing monthly consumption totals over a period of one year.

• More space on the bills means that more information can be provided on the individual

utility bills, and also allow for the use of a larger, clearer and easier to read font.

New brand identity and logo for the GEA.

At the same time consumers will notice a new logo appearing as the Gibraltar Electricity Authority

launches its new brand identity, as one of a number of events that will lead up to the

commissioning of the New Power Station.


The existing identity and logo has been associated with ‘GibElec’ since the early 1980’s, when it

was designed by the late Mr Brian Helliwell upon a recommendation made by Mr Howard Davies

in his report. At the time, discussions were being held on the commissioning of the Waterport

Power Station, and it was thought that an attempt should be made to provide a greater sense of

belonging to the Electricity Department.


The new brand identity and logo being launched is modern, clean, positive and distinctive, and is

fitting of the 21st Century. The logo is made up of four different colours, designed in the form of an

endless spiral based on the letter ‘G’ for Gibraltar. Each of the colours chosen, reflect Her

Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar’s commitment to the environment and customers’ needs.

The use of the colour green is symbolic of the environmental responsibility of generating power,

whilst the colours blue and yellow are symbolic of renewable energy sources. The colour orange is

symbolic of the heat and energy that powers our daily lives. The logo reflects Her Majesty’s

Government of Gibraltar’s vision on the future of power generation locally.

The new brand identity and logo has been designed by Mr Stephen Perera. The Gibraltar

Electricity Authority will soon commence the transition from the existing logo to the new logo, with

this being visible to the general public through the Authority’s vehicle fleet livery, corporate

clothing, and correspondence, amongst others.

Minister for the Environment and Energy, Dr John Cortes, who also has responsibility for water,

stated: "We are seeing a great deal of progress and change in the way we provide energy and

water and the way we manage its production and consumption. It will therefore come as no

surprise that we want to modernise both our image and how we do things, as we gear up to the

major improvements ahead."



Date: 16th February 2015


The New Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service website launched

The Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) have launched their new 2015 website as

part of their 150th Anniversary celebrations at

The GFRS have had a web presence since 1998 and over the years have improved and

updated the design of their website to take into account the latest web technologies and

best practice, in order to offer the best content and ease of accessibility to all users

browsing our website.


This current version has been designed as a Content Management System (CMS) by a

local web designer based on the WordPress Version 4.1 open source platform in close

cooperation with our web editor team. The new CMS site will be easy to update by our

web editors who can avail themselves of the wealth of widgets and add-ons freely

available for use with the WordPress platform. This platform is used by millions of users

worldwide from personal bloggers to companies as large as Time and CNN. The

WordPress platform also takes advantage of the latest Responsive Design which makes

our website compatible with all modern mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

As part of the of the redesign all the images which were until now displayed in Image

Galleries on the old site have now been uploaded to our Flickr account which can be

accessed by clicking on the links on our website. This enables us to have a very large

depository of images arranged into albums, by subject and date, which the public can

browse to see the work that the Service carries out.


At the same time we have also launched a Facebook page which can also be accessed

from the website following the links provided. It is our intention to keep the Facebook page

up to date with the latest information, Fire Safety Campaigns, Social and Charity functions

in which members of the Service are involved and other useful public information.

For further information contact the PA to the Chief Fire Officer on Tel 20072937 or email




LET'S TALK: 00350 200 40006

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