Information & Technology Fun Day





Mastering the skills to accessing information via the computer is an important part of daily living 

for everyone. 

The Citizens Advice Service has been able to identify that lack of information is evident for many older people who lack the necessary skills to access information from a computer.


GCAB held “Computer Fun Days”, an initiative from the bureau. These fun days have become quite popular with older computer literate volunteers from the community, helping the older person to access information from a computer and familiarize themselves with Information Technology (IT).




GCAB as the lead organization in Gibraltar for advice and information want to ensure that people do not suffer through lack of information of the services available to them and that information accessible through IT is readily available for everybody. 

Older computer literate volunteers from the community, encourage the participants to browse the Internet, check e-mails, get information on weather, bus routes or simply book a flight.


Participants are encouraged at the end of the day to send us their feedback of the day via e-mail.












Some Participants’ e-mails





“I don’t know how you managed to organise such a wealth of knowledge to be available to us all. The willingness of your experts to respond to my questions was great. Since then I have had more confidence to attempt new areas on the computer".





“Thank you for the course, it is ideally suited to whet the appetite of some of us who are computer shy”.





“You all made the course both interesting and entertaining, entirely devoid of complications”.




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