H.M. Prison Gibraltar

Allowance of Personal Items:

Please make sure that where restrictions are indicated, you pass this information to relatives and friends before they go into the trouble and expense or purchasing items, which may not ultimately, be allowed in your possession.

For most of these items no application is required prior to receipt, but you should understand that you will not be allowed items in excess of entitlement – e.g., if you have a radio already you will not be allowed another unless you have applied to exchange on a visit or you have returned the original item to your property.


Clothing and footwear

Socks; (any sensible colour) up to 5 pairs
Underwear; Underpants, briefs, Boxer shorts, up to 5 pair
Slippers; 1 pair; Sandals for use in shower – 1 pair
Personal shoes 1 pair only. NB. We reserve the right to refuse any shoes that are likely to cause a hazard to health.
Handkerchiefs – up to 5
Sportswear; Trainers – 1 pair only; Sports socks – up to 5 pairs (white)



CD  with headphones
If a CD/Tape Cassette Player is issued in possession of up to 12 Original Compact discs (No CD copies) may be held.
Exchanges may be arranged via visits if required block exchanges are preferred.
Radio with headphone or earpiece facility. No mains facility allowed.
Calculator (without print-out facility)
Torch Battery (not with Flashing system incorporated)
Battery Shaver (no mains charging will be permitted)
Electronic games, e.g. Chess, Gameboy etc. (within reason)


Personal Jewellery /Watches etc

Ring – Wedding or Signet – 1 only – no raise stones or dangerous decorations
Chain – 1 only and allowed only with religious pendant (e.g. Crucifix, Star of David etc.)
Wristwatch (no valuable watches please!)


You are strongly advised to keep your personal jewellery items to the minimum and to avoid importation of valuable items. No claims for loss or damage can be entertained where items are issued in possession at own risk.

No Bracelets or Bangles etc. are permitted.


General Items

Personal photographs (12)
Flask (1)
Nail clippers (without file)
Board games (e.g. jigsaws, monopoly etc.)
Face flannel / Sponge
Disposable lighter (not refillable)
Books (5) – Magazines (12)
Pencils, pens, notebook, drawing book
Towels (maximum 2)

Hobbies Items
Hobby materials will require a wing application before receipt can be authorized.


Items accepted from visitors:

Felt contact paper, Veneer, Sandpaper, Paintbrushes, Wooden Skewers.
No pointed objects or liquid form or any form of tablets will be accepted into the establishment.


General Points:

All requests for hand-outs or exchanges should be made to the wing officer at 09.00 hours on Week-days.
Any item not included in the list (3) above must be subject of an application to the Wing.
No claims for loss/damage or wear or tear to any item issued in possession will be entertained.

Privilege Wing Contract:


Inmate must have been six months in the Prison and during this time shall have been of good behaviour and Industry.


Prisoners who are serving a sentence of less than 6 months but more than 3 months will become eligible on serving half their sentence.


Work Requirement:

To qualify for this Wing the inmate must have a job i.e. Cook, Laundry, Works, etc. If the inmate either leaves or is removed from his job, he will vacate this Wing until he holds another.


Wing hours and routine:
At 0900hrs and at 1400hrs (Mon – Fri) inmates must be ready to vacate the Wing with the landing Officer to assume work. 1130hrs – 1400hrs and 1630hrs – 2030hrs Association (daily).

Saturday and Sunday Association will commence once the general cleaning is complete.

Wing / Kitchen / T.V. Room
This will be cleaned by all, the kitchen in particular being cleaned on a rota basis.


Drug Testing:
You are expected to remain drug free. You will be required to provide a sample of urine for the purpose of testing, as and when required by the Drugs Testing Unit. A refusal to comply with a V.D.T. or co-operate with the procedure will be treated as a positive result. Any positive result would be a breach of your contract and as such you would be removed from the special wing and loose your extra privileges.


Amending or revoking this Contract

The Superintendent can at any time amend or revoke this Contract.

Extra Privileges:
These are attached to this contract for your personal perusal. These privileges and remaining in the Wing is subject to continued Good Behaviour and Industry. If the inmate is reported he will be removed from the Wing, if found guilty, four months will be required to apply for re-admission to the Wing.

1. Extra telephone call
2. Extra £5.00 spending over and above the 200%
3. Unlooked between 0800hrs – 2030hrs
4. Communal eating
5. Light cooking will be allowed
6. Lights switched on 0730hrs – switched off at midnight


Visiting Hours:
Prisoners on Remand – 15 mins daily
Monday 1400hrs – 1415hrs
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1515hrs – 1530hrs
Friday 1400 (accumulated)
Convicted Prisoners – 1 hour weekly
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday



Ensure that individuals do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities or of the services available to them or through an inability to express their needs effectively.