Equality and Discrimination




Under the Equal Opportunities Act 2006 the Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau is the responsible body for the promotion of equal treatment of all persons.  Part of the work designated to CAB acting in this capacity is to promote, give advice to victims of discrimination and raise awareness on equality issues.


Discrimination is the eighth most common problem on which people request advice at Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau, but until recently it appeared to be one of the three problems for which they couldn’t get the help they needed.

Statistics prove that the most common issue on the grounds covered by the Equal opportunities Act 2006 coming to the Bureau is discrimination on Maternity.   We have had clients coming in with issues such as; the shop owner does not want me serving customers because I no longer look good, to clients who have been dismissed because they are pregnant.  Every single case is treated with the importance it deserves.


CAB tries to come to terms with the employer on the presenting issue and give the victims the time they deserve to explain and be listened too.  We try and communicate to the employer how the client feels by meeting with them face to face or via letters.  More often than not the employer would accept the employee back and reconsider the termination of contract, if however the employer does not reconsider and we see that the case is unlawful we would recommend for the issue or case to be taken to an industrial tribunal and at this point we would refer client to the legal clinic. 


Equality is fundamental.  The general public is now attributing a higher degree of importance to equality issues.  Though public awareness has increased and is growing, there is still a need to promote a greater level of understanding, especially in organizations and departments.

We therefore continue to offer training to departments and organisations on the Equal Opportunities Act and aim to raise awareness to the general public. 


In offering this training and promoting equality, we are focusing on people’s rights to equal treatment in law and in practice, challenging injustice and discrimination.  By valuing diversity we recognise the positive contribution that our differences make to the vibrant fabric of our society.




If you feel discriminated or unfairly treated or would like to attend any future training courses please do not hesitate in contacting us!

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