Coronavirus (COVID-19) represents the biggest challenge to Gibraltar in recent history. It could affect any of us.

The Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) is responsible for keeping Gibraltarians safe from disease and it needs to collect as much information as possible to steer us through this crisis.

In order to do so, the GHA needs to test a proportion of the population of Gibraltar for Coronavirus, to assess the prevalence of the virus in the population.

Some of us will be receiving phone calls from the GHA over the coming days, asking that we participate in the survey. The caller will explain the procedure fully, but the aim is to make it as easy as possible to participate.

It is extremely important to co-operate fully, as the information gathered will be crucial for the GHA to assess the current situation and plan further action. Your result will of course be made available to you.

Remember, your participation will help to save lives.

The GHA would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Gibraltar for their incredible support in the face of the Coronavirus crisis. We are ONE and we will beat this virus.

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said: ‘This initiative will allow the GHA to know how far the virus has already spread in our community and enable us to plan the best course of action to take in the days and weeks ahead. If you receive a phone call, please co-operate with the medical professionals and be part of Team Gibraltar. Be in no doubt, having this data will save lives.’


The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has written to the Chief Minister to offer the full support of the UK Government in Gibraltar’s fight against Coronavirus. The letter, dated 28 March, begins with a pledge from Mr Johnson that ‘We are committed to standing with you and supporting you during this difficult time.’

The Prime Minister’s letter concludes with the words, ‘We are facing difficult times ahead; I wanted to end by sending you my personal thanks and best wishes for the task we are facing together.’

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said, ‘At such a critical time in Gibraltar’s modern history, it is important to know that we have the Prime Minister’s full support. His pledge of practical and economic assistance are reassuring but, equally important, is the simple fact that, despite having contracted Coronavirus himself, he is still thinking about the needs of the people of Gibraltar. I was very touched to receive his letter and I shall reply to tell him so.’

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The Department of Education have set up a dedicated support helpline for students and parents. If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, worried, confused, scared, or just fancy a chat, you are not alone. You can call 200 12499 or use any of the means of contact in the graphic.

The home learning programme has been designed to support our children and their parents by providing them with a learning routine which provides structure and enables children to continue to develop key skills. The activities delivered through the programme are designed to work within a home learning environment and are not aimed at replicating the classroom environment.

The Secondary Home Learning programme is now in effect. For further information email:
Bayside -
Westside -

For lower and primary school home learning, please visit

Housing Department during COVID-19 
In these difficult times we are currently living in, the Housing Department is doing their upmost and working tirelessly to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak conditions on their customers and workforce.  
The department has implemented contingencies measures and have continued to provide customers with a highly and efficient service, whilst also protecting their workforce. The provision of services are ongoing via telephone, e-mail and online platforms through the e-gov website. 
In order to protect both the staff and tenants, the Housing Department and Housing Works Agency are solely working on essential and emergency works, always trying to minimise the contact with the tenants.  Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and as a result, the department has adapted policies and procedures as necessary to cater for the demands and needs of the community. The team has been very busy calling all tenants who pay their rent either by cash or card at their counters to provide them with alternative methods of payment.  The department understands that some tenants may be concerned that they will not be able to pay their rent in a timely manner, and as such, alternative methods of payment have been supplied to them.  Tenants have been assisted in the setting up of standing orders and step-by-step instructions on how to pay their bill through the online facility on the e-gov website.   
Both the Housing Department together with the Housing Works Agency have also been actively trying to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus to Senior Citizens.  The department’s efforts have concentrated mainly in the four pensioner blocks with precautionary measures implemented. The department has been in constant communication with the elderly in these flats and have introduced the execution of daily rounds for the delivery of newspapers, the collection of refuse amongst other services in respect of their wellbeing and their safeguarding. 
The Housing Department is reminding all their tenants to practice good hygiene habits and to follow the guidelines issued daily by the Civil Contingency Department.  They urge all to follow expert advice regarding the matter at hand and can only recommend ways to stay in touch and care for their loved ones without putting them, especially the elderly and most vulnerable at risk of exposure to COVID-19.  Instead of visiting, it is recommended to stay in touch by telephone, video conferencing if possible and through social media platforms, in this way everyone can stay in touch and not feel disconnected or isolated. 
The Housing Department would like to take the opportunity in thanking all their clients for their patience and assistance during this very difficult time.  
The Minister for Housing, The Hon Steven Linares said; “I would like to publicly thank my staff at the Housing Department for their continuous support, and having continued to provide an excellent service as always via phone, email and online platforms.  I would further like to extend my most sincere gratitude to the staff at the Housing Works Agency for working tirelessly and making the lives of our elderly easier in these difficult times. You have all acted positively and proactively as true professionals in getting some of our housing stock ready in record time to temporarily house vulnerable children, essential keyworkers as requested by Civil Contingencies”. 

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