Complaint against Government Department

A given department may have a complaints procedure in place where any individual may register a complaint.


This should always be the first avenue of approach in all circumstances. If there is no such procedure, or if the complainant is dissatisfied with said procedure or result, he may ask the courts to decide on the lawfulness of a: decision; action; or inaction taken by a Government Department this is termed a ‘Judicial Review’.


The department would then be subject to this review and whether it has made: an error in law; followed proper procedures; acted in so unreasonable a manner as no public body would act in such a way.


Furthermore, Judicial Review may be used to argue that legislation administered by said department is contrary to the Convention on Human Rights, or if they deny effective rights from EU law. EU legislation takes precedence over local legislation and must be adhered to by all Government Departments.



Ensure that individuals do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities or of the services available to them or through an inability to express their needs effectively.