Procedure to Complain against a Lawyer

1. You must first try to resolve the complaint by contacting the lawyer in question to discuss the issue to try to sort out the problem.

If no satisfactory answer has been negotiated


2. Write to Registrar (Liam Yeats) at the Supreme Court explaining the situation.  Enclose copies of Bills and correspondence.  Send copies to The Chairperson of the Bar Council, The Attorney General and to the Chairperson of the Admissions & Disciplinary’s Committee which is based at Her Majesty’s Attorney General’s Chambers.


This committee is charged with the responsibility to investigate any complaints, report to the Chief Justice and recommend any action that he should take. 


After the Bar Council


Contact details below:

Supreme Court Registry
Gibraltar Law Courts
32-36 Town Range

Tel: (00350) 200 78808

Source: Sunil Chandiramani



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