Community Service Order

What is Community Service Order?


A Community Service Order requires you to do unpaid work so that you pay something back to the community for your offence(s). You will be instructed to do unpaid work for the local community. This can include work for local charities, gardening, decorating, working with the elderly or disabled and looking after buildings and land.


What happens When An Order Is Made?


The Court will tell you how many hours you have been ordered to work. The Community Service Officer will then meet with you and let you know where and when you are to work. It will usually be one or two days a week until you have worked all your hours. You may have to work during evenings and weekends. You are expected to start work within ten days of the Court Order having been made.


What If I am Ill and Cannot Work?


If you are ill you may be required to produce a medical certificate from your doctor and give it to the Community Service Officer as soon as possible. If there are other reasons why you cannot keep an appointment, you must tell the Community Service Officer before you miss work – who will then decide if the reason is acceptable or not.


What Do I Have To Do?


You will be given a copy of instructions setting out how you must behave and what to do. When you are on a Community Service Order, you must:
Tell the Community Service Officer before any change of your address;
Work where the Community Service Officer tells you;
Turn up on time and work the hours you are told to;
Co-operate with the Community Service Officer, and your work place supervisor;
Treat others fairly, equally and with respect.

You will not be allowed to work if you have been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. This could result in breach action being taken and you going back to Court to be dealt with.


What Happens If I Break The Conditions Of The Order?


If you:
Turn up late, or
Do not work as required, or
Behave unacceptably, or 
Change your address without telling the Community Service Officer

You may be returned to Court. The Court can Warn you and let the:
Order continue with or without variation, or
Instruct you to complete the Order and impose a fine,
Cancel the Community Service Order and deal with you in some other way.


Do I Have Any Rights While I Am On A Community Service Order?


You will be treated fairly and equally and you are expected to behave just as fairly towards other people. The Agency will not allow racist, sexist or other disrespectful behaviour from any person under supervision. You can make a complaint, if you feel you have been treated unfairly or unreasonably. You should try and talk about this with the Community Service Officer or the Senior Social Worker for Adult Services. If you are not satisfied with the response you get, you can contact the Head of Operations.


What If I Have Any Questions Or Problems?


If you have any questions or problems, get in touch with the Community Service Officer as soon as possible.

The Community Service Officer Social Services Agency 16 Governor’s Parade Gibraltar Tel: 20078528 / 20075729



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