Community Policing Project

The RGP Community Safety Unit will be deploying Community Beat Officers (CBOs) to work in partnership with respective Tenants Association and Management Companies to address issues of concern in certain housing estates. This is part of the RGP's strategy on Neighbourhood Policing.


It will provide CBO promptly and effectively to deal predominantly with anti-social behaviour and other issues of public concern. The RGP is committed to deliver good quality of service and looks forward to work in partnership with the community and endeavour to make Neighbourhood Policing a total success.

Team 1 (Town Area & Mid-Harbour Estate)

District Office located at: Flat 58/12 Lower Castle Road
Tel: 200 66471
Sergeant Neil Zammitt
PC 66 Dennis Peñalver
PC 72 Jonathan Goodson
PC 81 David Reyes
PC 138 Sebastian Jimenez
PC 162 Mondir Benhakim


Team 2 (Westside Area)

District Office located at: Edinburgh Estate Management Office
Tel: 200 66205
Sergeant John De Los Santos
PC 61 Victor Harrison
PC 120 Tracey Constant-Brittenden
PC 175 Ivan Victor
PC 215 Jonathan Perez

Team 3 (South District)

District Office located at: 13 Sandpits House, Witham’s Road
Tel: 200 66473
Sergeant  Anna Jones
PC 45 D’Wayne Balban
PC 78 James Rodriguez
PC 115 Peter Borge
PC 157 Manuel Gonzalez
PC 158 Mary De Santos


Team 4 (North District)

District Office located at: 25 Goole House, Glacis Estate
Tel: 200 66469
Sergeant Douglas Balloqui
PC 37 Earron Balloqui
PC 50 Laura Berridge
PC 152 Jared MacIntosh
PC 186 Caitriana Parker
PC 194 Stephen Peach

These are the districts that we have identified, but other districts not mentioned can contact the CSU directly, and their issues will be addressed in the same manner. Senior Citizens Associations have a direct link to the Unit, due to Senior Citizens residing in all areas around Gibraltar and our response will continue in the same way.



Ensure that individuals do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities or of the services available to them or through an inability to express their needs effectively.