Trial Routes

Gibraltar Bus Company LTD

All new trial services will be provided IN ADDITION to the full current schedule of services.


•The trial is running ahead of the intended purchase by HMGOG of six electric buses, with a view to operating on those routes deemed successful during the trial.

•New Route A will run from the Trafalgar Cemetery via Line Wall to the Sun Dial roundabout and return in a continuous loop. This service will see 2 buses running from 8am till 1.15pm Monday to Friday to provide further capacity for those seeking access to or wishing to cross the city centre via Line Wall Road.  This service will not operate on weekends.

•New Route B (B for Beaches) will run from Trafalgar Cemetery via Queensway and the Europort area, on to the beaches and then return via the same route. This service will be operated by 4 buses running from 1pm to 7pm daily, with weekend services covered by 6 buses running from 11am to 8pm.

•New Route C (C for Circular) will be a circular route servicing town and the West side/Europort area on a loop from Trafalgar Cemetery via Line Wall Road, Corral Road, Waterport, returning via Bishop Caruana Road and Queensway back to the Trafalgar Cemetery. This route will operate on 2 buses from 8am till 1.15pm Monday to Friday, with services running from 8am till 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.


The buses being used for the trial are being rented by the Government from a number of the tour operating companies in Gibraltar, which in the context of the Covid pandemic, are experiencing the anticipated drop in demand owing to the lack of tourism to Gibraltar.  The buses in question are 22-seater Coaster buses, meaning that those with mobility issues and travelling with prams may be more comfortable on the regular full bus service. This will in no way impact travelers with these needs, given that the trial services will be running IN ADDITION to the full timetable of services already offered by the Gibraltar Bus Company and will in fact free up capacity for these type of travelers within the existing service. Government further advises that only holders of Gibraltar ID cards will be able to access these trial services, as there will be no ticketing machines installed in these buses.


The email address has been created for bus users to provide feedback on the trial and to suggest ways in which the Government can change and improve the service




LET'S TALK: 00350 200 40006

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